A Level and BTEC A Level Applications for February 2018 Intake Opens

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MAPS International High is now accepting applications for the February 2018 intake of GCE A Level and Pearson BTEC A Level (Level 3 Diplomas) qualifications.

GCE A’ Level delivery

We take great pleasure in announcing that places are available for all Business-stream GCE A Level subjects, as well as a wide range of unique subjects not offered anywhere else in the Maldives. Subjects offered include General Studies, Government and Politics, Information Technology, Law and Psychology. These unique subjects provide students with the opportunity to study the subjects they are most interested in, as well as providing a broader set of learning to enhance students’ educational experience. Additional GCE A Level subjects offered by MAPS International High include Mathematics (with statistics), HSC Islam and Dhivehi and English Language.

Pearson BTEC A’ Level delivery

In addition to offering a wide variety of GCE A Level subjects, MAPS International High is the only school in Male’ offering the Pearson BTEC A Level qualifications (Level 3 Diplomas) in the fields of Art and Design, Business, Information Technology, Sports and Travel and Tourism.

Pearson BTEC A Level qualifications offer students an alternative learning experience to GCE A Levels but a same level of qualification, allowing students to focus on more professionally-aligned subject areas, and on a smaller number of subjects in more detail.

Eligibility and Government Sponsorship

MAPS International High provides students the opportunity to study GCE A Level subjects and Pearson BTEC A Level subjects for free, with the help of government sponsorship. Eligibility criteria for government sponsorship is shown below:

GCE A Level: Entry Requirements

  • 3 passes in GCE O Level/IGCSE/SSC; OR
  • Pearson BTEC Level 2; OR
  • ‘Dhasvaaru’; or ‘School TVET’ Program

 GCE A Level: Government Sponsorship

  • 5 passes in GCE O Level/IGCSE/SSC including a pass in SSC Dhivehi or Islam; OR
  • Pearson BTEC Level 2 with a pass in SSC Dhivehi or Islam; OR
  • ‘Dhasvaaru’/‘School TVET’ Program with 2 passes, including a pass in SCC Dhivehi or Islam

Pearson BTEC A Level (Level 3 Diploma): Entry requirements

  • Pearson BTEC Level 2; OR
  • 3 passes in GCE O Level/IGCSE/SSC; OR
  • ‘Dhasvaaru’ or ‘School TVET’ Program

Pearson BTEC A’ Level (Level 3 Diploma): Government Sponsorship

  • Pearson BTEC Level 2; OR
  • 4 passes in GCE O Level/IGCSE/SSC; OR
  • ‘Dhasvaaru’/‘School TVET’ Program with a pass in GCE O Level/IGCSE/SSC

Achieving Success at MAPS International High

At MAPS International High, we want the best of the best. To support the highest achievers, we offer free tertiary education scholarships for the students who produce the strongest academic performance in their GCE A Level and Pearson BTEC A Level studies. The student who produces the best academic result will be awarded free scholarships to complete their undergraduate AND post graduate studies with MAPS College.

Learning Environment

To maximize our students’ potential we ensure that the learning environment of MAPS International High caters for all student needs. Classrooms are purpose designed and equipped with the latest technology. All our classrooms, library and computer labs are designed to provide a comfortable learning environment with integrated air-conditioning throughout our campus.


MAPS International High is led by a highly skilled and qualified teaching team who are dedicated to establishing an effective learning environment. Our experienced facilitators ensure implementation of effective teaching strategies that suites all learner preferences, to help students reach their full potential.

The aim of MAPS International High is to not only provide the highest quality higher secondary education to our students, but also provide our students with the necessary skills and experiences so that they are able to excel and overcome the challenges of the working environment. This is achieved by providing our students with internships and a variety of training programs that help to broaden their knowledge and guide them in succeeding within the day to day working environment.

How to Apply

Interested students/parents can apply immediately for enrolment in February 2018. Students do not need to wait for their results to be awarded a conditional offer from MAPS International High.

To apply, complete the application form and submit it with the relevant documents to MAPS International High. Application Forms can be collected from school reception or downloaded from our website.

Useful Links:

For more information, please contact us on 331 4621 or come into MAPS International High to speak to one of our staff directly.

School Activites

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    HSC/IGCSE Mock Examinations 2017

    HSC and IGCSE Mock Examinations 2017 will be conducted from 17th to 19th September 2017.


Important Notices

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