A Level Application for March 2016 Intake Opens.


MAPS International High has commenced the new intake of 2016 GCE Advanced level applications from 20th January 2016 onwards. We take great pleasure in announcing that seats are available for all Advanced Level subjects which are affiliated with business stream and unique subjects that are common to all study areas such as General Studies, Government and Politics, Law and Psychology. These unique subjects are offered only by  MAPS International High in the Maldives. These specific subjects help broaden thinking towards professional aspects.

The aim of Maps International  High is not only to provide higher secondary education to the students, but also to provide them with the necessary skills and experiences so that the students will be able to face the challenges of the working environment. This is achieved by providing the students with internship and different training programs that would help to broaden their knowledge and help as a guide to deal with the challenges of the day to day working environment.

MAPS International High provides many students the opportunity to study GCE Advance Level subjects for free, with the help of government sponsor. Eligibility criteria for free tuition (Ministry of Education sponsorship) are to achieve at least five passes (‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ Grade) in GCE O’Level/IGCSE/SSC examinations. The school also provides opportunity to study as self-sponsored students for those who are not able to meet the above criteria.

In order to attract students with strong academic performance, Maps International  High offers free tertiary education scholarships for the students who produce strong academic performance in their GCE Advance level examinations. In this regard, the student who produces the best academic result, will be awarded free scholarships to complete their undergraduate and post graduate studies.

Learning Environment

To maximize the students’ potential we ensure that the learning environment of MAPS International High caters for all student needs. Classrooms are developed and well equipped with the latest technology. Our classrooms, library and computer labs are designed to affirm comfort with the integrated Air – conditioned system.


MAPS International High is led by a highly skilled and qualified team who are dedicated in establishing an effective learning environment. Our facilitators ensure implementation of effective teaching strategies that suites all learner preferences.

For more information, please contact 3314621.

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Important Notices

  • Prize list 2015

    Attached herewith is the prize list 2015 and prize policy of MAPS International High. Please notify the issues regarding the prize list to the leading teachers on or before 30th September 2015, 13 30. Contact via 3302140 […]

  • Time change in Edexcel A’level Examination

    Time to commence Edexcel A’level Examination has been changed as follows: Morning : 0830 Afternoon: 1300 Attached find the MOE circular regarding the time change: MOE Circular 


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