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An Experience of Boduberu with Dhammaanu..

MAPS International High announced the launch of a Boduberu team at the school. Dhammanu Boduberu group, one among the leading Bodu Beru group, came forward to train the students. It was a much awaited event for the students and staff at the school and the dream of having own team for the school.

The training will start on 6th February 2013 in the school campus. The Students association welcomed the decision pointing out to several students gifted with their talents in one of the most wonderful cultural programmes of the country. The team will be well equipped with the instruments necessary for the stage.

‘Boduberu represents the very culture and tradition of our prestigious nation and having our own team for Boduberu will not only help students will develop their skill for fine arts but will further help effective learning and when at MAPS International high we aim at the overall development of students such activities have great significance’ – opined MAPS I High Management.

Management, staff and students of MAPS International High expressed their gratitude to Dhammanu Boduberu group for their willingness to provide the students with training.