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32_Business Club_Organising committee
(The Business Club Committee photo above)

The main purpose of the Business Club formed in the School is to promote practical skills of students in the field of business education. The Club aims to facilitate aspiring students to gain practical knowledge through a variety of programmes arranged for them such as field trips, involving in real life situations in business. Active interaction of the students, opportunities to learn something new, to hone leadership skills, meet and communicate with industry leaders are some of the objectives of the club where the experience of the same would add value to their profile.

The present leaders of the Business Club are:

AMINATH SUHA Business Club President
FATHIMATH LAMHA ALI Business Club Vice President
FATHIMATH RISALA IBRAHIM Business Club Committee member
JEELAAN SAEED Business Club Committee member
RUHUSHA ABDULLA RASHEED Business Club Committee member


Following are the previous organising Committees of Business Club.