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Business students of MAPS International High went to Kandu Oiy Giri on a Business Trip

21-Production Manager1Business students of MAPS International High have conducted a short expedition to Kandu Oiy Giri (KOG), the production site of MIFCO; with the aim of creating a better understanding of production process in a real life situation. When taught the theories, students may not be able to fully understand how to apply them in practice.

The purpose of this trip was for the students to gain a better insight into the practical and technical procedures of food production related issues. This trip was arranged for the students of grade twelve, MAPS International High Business stream. They were divided into two different groups and went for the tours on Saturday 31st of January and Sunday 1st February 2015.

During this short excursion, students were informed on the production techniques used, from the collection of raw material to the production of final output. Students got the opportunity to experience how the products were packed and handled in the production site. Moreover, students were briefed on the accounting procedures and got to experience the laboratory experiments conducted to evaluate and monitor the safety of export products. In Addition to these experiences, students were given an informative tour by the representative staff from MIFCO to the warehouses, where primary resources for food production and packaging are stored.

The students were pleased to observe the importance of food hygiene maintained through the consistent assessment and evaluation of products conducted in the well-equipped and developed Micro Biology Lab.

Effective food processing was shown through the strategy of division of labor used by this company throughout the years. This resulted in effective output within the minimum time. One of the main purposes is to create maximum use of the product with minimum wastage.

With the shared information, students learnt that MIFCO is a very professionally well-established food processing company with rigorous policies and procedures to ensure quality food products.

To conclude, this field trip was a very helpful and informative trip for the business students, as it has helped them to understand the business environment with the help of the valuable information given by the friendly staffs of MIFCO and KANDU OIY GIRI. MAPS International High greatly appreciates this opportunity and thanks the management of MIFCO and KANDU OIY GIRI for helping and facilitating them to experience professional skills first hand.