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Dhi-Islam Club

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(Dhi-Islam Club Committee members photo above)

Dhi- Islam Club is the Islam and Dhivehi club of MAPS International High. The main purpose of Dhi-Islam Club is to promote Islamic and Maldivian cultural awareness, communication, and fellowship, and to encourage students to improve standard of the subject Islam and Dhivehi by conducting various academic and nonacademic activities. The  Club aims to strengthen one another in the faith, to motivate one another academically and to develop the character of individual’s according to Islam and to uphold the prestigious culture of Maldives.

The present leaders of Dhi-Islam club are:

SHIZNA AHMED Dhi-Islam Club Vice President
FATHIMATH RAUFA Dhi-Islam Club Committee member
DHEEMA HASSAN Dhi-Islam Club Committee member
RAFAH MOHAMED Dhi-Islam Club Committee member


Following are the previous organising Committees of Dhi-Islam Club.