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20_English club_Organising committee(English Club Committee photo above)

English Club is formed especially to promote English Language learning outside the classroom.  More specifically, it is intended to promote the pleasures and values associated with intellectual curiosity, creativity and learning, to develop the highest possible standard of competence in written and spoken English. It also aims to create, maintain and strengthen knowledge and understanding of the language and literature and to facilitate the students’ social and moral development, and mutual understanding and tolerance, within a multicultural framework. Encouraging the appreciation of history, literature in English and other selected and organizing extra-curricular activities for students are also considered as important here.

The present leaders of English Club are:

ANAAN MOHAMED BUSHRY English Club Vice President
FATHIMATH RIZUMA RASHEED English Club Committee member
FATHIMATH RAYYA IBRAHIM English Club Committee member
ZAIDHAN AHMED English Club Committee member


Following are the previous organising Committees of English Club.