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MAPS International High begins the 2012 Higher Secondary Academic Year

On May 6, 2012 MAPS International High began its 2012 Higher Secondary Academic Year by hosting a special assembly at the school. The Minister of Agriculture Honourable Ahmed Shafeeu was the guest of honour at the special assembly.

The assembly began with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by hoisting of the School and the national flags. Speaking at the assembly, the School Principal Adam Athif welcomed all students to MAPS International High and thanked Minister Shafeeu for accepting the School’s invitation. Athif also thanked Minister Shafeeu for having played a vital role in the establishment of MAPS International High during its early stages back in the year 2011. Furthermore, Athif stated that MAPS International High became a reality only with the help and contributions from many well wishers. In this regard, he highlighted the support provided by the Minister of Education, Dr Asim, State Minister of Education, Mr Imad Solih and the Rector of Villa College.

Addressing the students, Principal Athif also said that MAPS International High has adopted a new approach to A’ Levels, which aims to ensure that students achieve more than just A’ Levels during the 2 years they spend for their studies at the school. He further stated that he believes that the School’s “Ready-To-Work” initiative will ensure students achieve the necessary competencies to enable them to be ready for work or more prepared for further studies when they complete their A’ Levels. Principal Athif emphasized that hard work, dedication and commitment from the students, teachers and the school management would be required in order for the school to achieve its objectives.

On the outset, Minister Shaeefu congratulated the School’s Management and the teachers for their hard work in the establishment of MAPS International High. Minister Shaeefu also congratulated the students and their parents for their decision to join MAPS International High. He reassured the students and their parents that he is confident that MAPS International High would do everything possible to deliver exceptionally high level of education and to achieve its goals. Referring to the new approach to A Levels adopted by the School, Minister Shafeeu said he welcomes the initiative taken and he believes that this is the right time for such changes in the Higher Secondary Education in the Maldives.

Addressing the students Minister Shafeeu said it is often said that students of today are the future of tomorrow and they are the future of the tomorrow’s leaders, citizens and workforce.  However, Minister Shafeeu highlighted that even today while continuing their studies, there are additional responsibilities that students could take. He added that students could play an active role in addressing the social problems of the society by guiding their peers and could be very influential people to change the society today. Shafeeu further highlighted that students could also take an active role in social activities representing their school as one group, once community which is united and having one strong aim and a goal. In continuing, he  added the importance of learning job skills required which could help them for their future income generating activities while continuing their studies.

Vote of thanks was delivered by the Leading Teacher Lawsha, which was followed by a special prayer lead by the Dean of the Mauhadh Dhirasaathul Islamiyya. The special assembly was concluded with the National Anthem.


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