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Rules and Guidelines

Standards for Student Conduct of MAPS International High

All the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Education of Maldives are applicable to all MAPS International High students. Apart from such, the following rules must also be observed by all MAPS International High students. MAPS International High School Board will bring any necessary amendments to these policies guidelines.

It is the belief of the MAPS International High that all students have the right to be in an environment that is safe and conducive to learning. To that end, student conduct policy sets forth standards for student conduct. The primary objectives of the Standards for Student Conduct are:

  1. To provide standards and guidelines for student behaviour;
  2. To assist the students in becoming a responsible, productive and self disciplined citizen;
  3. To maintain a safe and orderly environment in the classroom and all other areas of the school.

The Standards for Student Conduct applies to any student who is on school property, who is in attendance at school or at any school-sponsored activity, or whose conduct at any time or place has a direct and immediate effect on maintaining order and discipline in MAPS International High or on the health, safety or welfare of the students or employees of the school.  Apart from that all the students must follow the following:

  1. Every student must follow the laws and principles of Islam, fulfil the obligatory duties and refrain from wrong doings.
  2. Every student must abide by the laws, rules and regulation of the Republic of Maldives.

Following are the specific rules and guidelines that should be followed by all the students of MAPS International High: