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School Board


Objective of the School Board

The School Board is mandated to ensure that MAPS International High fulfills its educational and administrative responsibilities according to the policies established by both the School and the Ministry of Education. The School Board is formulated according to its Constitution and members are elected every year as per its policies.

Functions of the School Board

The board shall carry out the following functions in pursuit of its objectives:

  1. Advising the school Management with respect to planning and employment of future and present school policies, rules and regulations.
  2. Guiding the school management in the matter of formulating school strategic plan in accordance with school and Ministry of Education rules.
  3. Providing guidance and recommendations to the school management regarding the formulation of school academic calendar and approve the school academic calendar.
  4. Directing the Parent Teacher Association to conduct the activities in accordance to their plans and ensuring the achievement of strategic goals through these activities.
  5. Guiding the school management about academic and religious matters in order to manage and maintain the students’ academic performance, religious faith, and code of conduct.
  6. Providing assistance to formulate policies to improve financial status of the school and plan and conduct activities to aid it.
  7. Providing advice to the school management in formulating annual budget.
  8. Giving recommendations and being informed about any purchase above 15,000
  9. Providing membership on selection panels for the employment of staff to the school in accordance with MAPS HR Policy
  10. Providing membership on the panel which recommends the appointment of a principal

Membership of MAPS International High School Board

The School Board shall comprise:

(a)  A member appointed by FALIM Group Private Limited

(b)  A member appointed by MAPS Maldives Private Limited

(c)  Principal or Head of MAPS International High

(d)  Vice president of MAPS International High Parent Teacher Association

(e)  One parent nominated by MAPS International High Parent Teacher Association

(f)    School Administrator

(g)  2 Leading teachers appointed by school Executive committee

(h)  A secretary selected from school administrative staff by school Executive committee