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School Houses are the pillars to develop skills such as commitment, dedication, team spirit and loyalty. To enhance and develop these skills in students, MAPS International High has adapted a theme based House system. The houses are named; Achievers, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators.

Achievers: The Attainers
In addition to participating in regular activities scheduled by the School, Achievers House concentrates on accomplishing their goals and strive to attain results by reinforcing activities that would improve their skills.

Entrepreneurs: The Risk Takers
Entrepreneurs House concentrates on various skills necessary for successful entrepreneurship and prepares the students for the same. The School envisions them to spread their learning among the other houses and prepare the whole School community for their success in life as successful entrepreneurs.

Innovators: The Creative Minds
Innovators are the pillars of a society and it is to motivate the students for those essential qualities, MAPS International High named the third house as Innovators. In addition to participating in regular School activities, as an independent house, the Innovators would further motivate students with their innovative ideas. It is the innovators who always stand different and distinguished with all the unique qualities.

Motivated by the beautiful colors of the Maldivian National Flag, the colors assigned to the Houses are white, green and Red, each an epitome of nationality. The House Flag aligns these colors with the color of the School (blue) to inculcate these qualities and values within the values and beliefs of the School. The colors of the Maldivian Flag characterize the following:

  • White represents that the nation stands together in  pure and holy Religion, Islam.
  • Green signifies the peace, harmony and prosperity.
  • Red symbolizes the bravery of the national heroes and the blood that they shed for the protection of their nation.

Hence taking lessons from these, MAPS International High provokes their students to follow these aptitudes and add their contribution to the nation. The colours assigned to the houses are as follows:

Achievers: White

Entrepreneurs : Green

Innovators: White

To find out about the roles and responsibilities of the House Captain and other elected members go to the “Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee of the Students’ Association” page as the House Leadership automatically becomes members of the MIHSA Executive Committee .

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