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Uniform Code



All students should wear black socks and black shoes. Slippers are not part of the normal school uniform.


  1. Should be cut short and neat, tinted hair is not allowed.
  2. Jeans or tight pants are not allowed (even with the activity uniforms) and trousers should cover ankles.


  1. Should not wear heavy make-up.
  2. Should not wear ornamental accessories.
  3. Dark blue skirt should reach 3 inches below the knee cap. Jeans or tight pants are not allowed (even with the activity uniforms)
  4. students with long hair should have their hair plaited or tied up neatly
  5. Should wear vests and lengthy tights as underwear.

All students are encouraged to adopt neat attire at all times.

Normal Uniform

All students should come to school in full uniform as stipulated in the uniform regulation.

Activity Uniform

The activity uniform is also a uniform of the school and therefore should be worn according to the proper code.

NOTE: Students who come in jeans, faded pants, three-quarter pants, jeans or pants with drawings/ paintings/ decorations (at the front or back) will be sent home immediately.

The activity uniform can be worn for:

  1. Sports activities.
  2. Extra classes held out of your normal session.
  3. Extra-curricular activities (such as association meetings/activities).
  4. Field trips.
  5. For all student services from the office (including payments, getting ID cards and using the library).
  6. Do not attend any exam in your activity uniform

School uniforms shall be worn ONLY for the purpose of attending school unless school decides otherwise. Use of school uniforms for other purposes is an offense.