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Words from the bottom of the heart…..

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” ~Vince Lombardi
When Designation ceremony, held at Majeedhiya School Auditorium find its grand success there are few people whom we remember gratefully, who in fact is translated this dream into reality. The effort of PTA committee is highly admirable who ensured their active participation in every stage of the ceremony. Our heart speaks when we extend our warm thanks to their valuable contribution.

While recollecting the contributions of PTA Committee, there are some names that need to be mentioned in particular. While the presence of Ahmed Amir and Ali Sharif was visible throughout the event Rizna Zareer being the Vice-President of PTA Committee assisted the staff and students from the very beginning of the preparations. Upon the beautifully designed stage there was the signature of Fathimath Nadhira who by profession is an architect.

As an institution deeply motivated and committed for the best future of emerging youth this success definitely is inspiring. With the support and active involvement of PTA we can assume that we will be able to fulfill all the objectives of our institution thus ensuring the bright future of our children. Team MAPS have immense pleasure to thank you all for your great work that made the event a great success.