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Business Studies Students’ Field Visit to K.Kanduoiygiri


Every year, MAPS International High holds a well organised business trip for grade 12 business students and business club members. The purpose of these trips are to explore the business world, in relation to international markets and study how businesses are operated in the real world, their complexity and challenges faced, and also be able to apply the content of A’ level in the business world.

On January 30 2016, business students of grade 12 went on a business trip to K.Kanduoiygiri, where one of the fish processing factories of Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO) is located. The students particularly explored fishing receiving room, production and processing plant, ice storage, aspects of laboratory and the making of the by-products. Instructors from Kanduoiygiri helped the students to explore the business conditions, different areas and production process.

This helped the students to improve the knowledge in the field of international markets for meat, difficulties in trading internationally, opportunities in the international market, standards, rules and regulations that must be considered when exporting to several countries, and the business process of fish exports to the international market.

All such business trips are organsied by business studies teacher and leading teachers with the great help from the school management.

Students had a great time during the trip, with excellent transportation facilities, meals and accommodations provided by MIFCO. Positive feedback was provided regarding the trip and about the great deal of knowledge that were acquired during the trip.