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MAPS International High – Study Tour to Malaysia


The students of MAPS International High have returned from its fruitful learning and exposure excursion trip to Malaysia on 24th March 2017. Twenty students of grade 11 and grade 12 from different subjects took part along with two staff and two parents. Excursion began to Malaysia on 19 March 2017 and ended with visits to learning, business, cultural, historical and leisure places.

The purpose of such an excursion is to contribute to the development of students into refined young men and women who possess more knowledge about the world, are intellectually curious, have stronger critical-thinking skills, display better historical empathy, display higher levels of tolerance, and have a greater palate for self-improvement, relaxation and learning in a fun environment. Additionally, it is imperative that students learn the rewards of venturing outside their comfort zone such as adjusting their particular palate, their adaptation and acceptance as the basis of understanding, thus helping them to be more conscientious and empathetic of others.


The itinerary included visits to various national tourist attractions. The students also visited  a local university and a factory that is a manufacturer and retailer, the largest of its type in the world with a guided tour of their division of work, history and current global standing of the business.


The school not only wants the students to acquire work skills from their education, but the school wants to see the students into developed and civilized people who appreciate the breadth of human accomplishments. Such an excursion is an imperative tool for meeting this goal.