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Memories of a beautiful night…

The pouring of rain stopped just few minutes before the function started. But it was still drizzling when Ismail Mashroof, the chief guest, Ahmed Ali, Mohamed Ali and Azeez approached the auditorium accompanied by Principal Adam Athif and student escorts. While the crowd including parents, staff and students paid their respect by standing up, the sweet voice of Shahudh Ahmed and Mariyam Ameen of grade 11 welcomed the guests. Majeedhiya School hall was witnessing the Designation Ceremony of MAPS High International.

“We have leaders all around us and we have tremendous leadership qualities within. Some are born with leadership qualities while some acquire it from the surrounding. Finding the leader in you should be our aim, and to use it productively for the society should be our motto.” – Ismail Mashroof, Principal of Hiriya School who was the chief guest opined in his brief but profound speech. The words coated with humour were inspiring and capable of touching the hearts of the students gathered.

The programme was started with the verses from Holy Quran recited by Fathimath Ishfa the translation of the same was done by Ibrahim Shamhan.

The first programme in the agenda was the inauguration of school board. Mr. Ahmed Ali, honourable Rector inaugurated the PTA for the academicals year 2012. Announced by Ali Areef, administrator of MAPS International High, the members of the school board were hounored by Mr. Mohamed Ali. It was followed by the speech of Rizna Zareer.

Vice Rector to MAPS College Abdul Azeez presented sashes and tags to the members of clubs, houses and students association. Mohamed Ameen expressed his commitment as the elected President of Students’ association while addressing the gathering. Lawsha Mohamed, academic Head and leading teacher announced the names of the members of Prefect Board while Ismail Mashroof, the chief guest inaugurated the Prefects’ board. Sheikh Mohamed Shinan read the oath for the students. Reminding herself the duties of the school Captain, Aminath Adheeba addressed the gathering.

“It is not the long history of a school that matter, but the objectives achieved during the time period that matter! For the very reason the school is not at all new, but one that is already established in the community comprising parents, students and the public.” – In an inspiring speech Adam Athif opined. He reminded the gathering the important objectives of the school and expressed the strong will to attain those.

Announcing executive committee of students association was the last in the agenda which was done by Aminath Rasheedha, teacher and the coordinator of PTA committee. The oath taking of executive committee of students association immediately followed where Sheikh Mohamed Shinan read the oath for the students. The gathering paid respect to the nation with the national anthem.

In a warm atmosphere made chilled with rain, the refreshments were ready at the corner of the stage. Groups of people remained scattered busy with chitchat and enjoying the delicious short-eats arranged for them. While wishing each other good night, there was the memory of a beautiful night overwhelming within their hearts- the memories of the first Designation Ceremony of MAPS International High! Established just few months back, MAPS International High is not just an institution of excellence now, it is the strength of almost a hundred young minds ready to rise, holding their dreams for the future!