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Rules & Responsibilities of House Leaders and Elected Positions


In order to ensure quality education and keeping in mind to improve certain skills of students, MAPS International high has introduced theme bases houses that would help the students to excel in their future. The houses are named; Achievers, Entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Achievers House: The Attainers

Apart from participating in regular activities scheduled by the school, Achievers House concentrate on accomplishing their goals and strive to attain the result by reinforcing activities that would improve their skills. The house has official color of white.

Entrepreneurs House: The Risk Takers

Entrepreneurs House would concentrate on various skills necessary for successful entrepreneurs and will prepare the students for the same. The school envisions them to spread their learning among the other houses and prepare them the whole school community for their success in life as successful entrepreneurs. The official color of Entrepreneurs is green.

Innovators House: The Creative Minds

Innovators are the pillars of a society and it is to motivate the students for those essential qualities, MAPS International High named the third house as Innovators. Apart from the regular activities as an independent house, Innovator would further motivate students with their innovative ideas. It is the innovators who always stand different and distinguished with all the unique qualities. The official color of Innovators is red.


Duties of Captain, Deputy Captain and Committee members

Duties of the House Captains

  1. To guide the Executive objectives of the House.
  2. To plan all the House meetings.
  3. To be the official spokesperson of the House.
  4. To be held responsible for the progress of the House.
  5. Preside at all meetings of the House.
  6. Call special meetings of the House Committee.
  7. To make sure the House participates in all the events, competitions and other activities of the school.
  8. Represent the House at the executive committee meetings when deemed necessary.


Duties of the Deputy House Captains and House Committee Members

  1. Deputy House assumes duties of the Captain in absence of the Captain.
  2. Perform duties assigned him/her by the President of the Club.
  3. Assist to run the House.
  4. Monitor the activities of the House.


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