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Rules, Roles & Responsibilities of the Prefects Board

95_Prefect Board_Oath TakingThe role of a School Prefect is not limited to one thing and will include: assisting teaching staff in their lessons, supervising the canteen corridor and queues, organizing activities and maintaining order in the School. Prefects are mainly chosen on the basis of their leadership skills. The roles and responsibilities of the Captain, the Deputy Captain, senior prefect and prefects include:


  • Act as a bridge between principals, teachers and students.
  • Help teachers to maintain a quality class and better school atmosphere.
  • Look after the overall activities of the school.
  • Keep vigilance on other students when they are in and out of the school.
  • Help MAPS International High School management to carry out the responsibilities.
  • Check the dress code of the students.
  • Act as a role model to their peers.
  • Counsel and guide the peers in positive discipline.
  • Collect feedbacks and suggestions on school development plans from the peers and report  during meetings.
  • To make sure the students of the school uphold all the values as described by Islam and the Republic of Maldives.

Deputy Captain

  • To assist the School Captain to discharge the assigned duties to the Captain.
  • In the absence of the School Captain, discharge his duties as the acting School Captain.

Senior Prefects

In addition to the duties of a Prefect, a Senior Prefect is also responsible for the following duties:

  • Maintain collaboration among Prefects.
  • Coordinate Prefects activity.
  • Provide link between Prefects Body and the School Administration.
  • Represent the Student Body.


  • Observe the school rules at all times.
  • Be dressed appropriately at all times.
  • Maintain an excellent attendance record.
  • Be punctual for your duties.
  • Maintain a perfect behavioural record.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic.
  • Be able to encourage and motivate fellow students.
  • Be cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, and responsible.
  • Be respectful toward teachers, your peers, and the school environment.
  • Display leadership qualities: confidence, initiative, problem solving skills.
  • Be willing to take on extra responsibility.
  • Be able to work independently and complete tasks without supervision.
  • Maintain a good academic record (B average minimum).
  • Be a good ambassador for the school.



  • Prefects should act as the role model for all the students in the School.
  • Prefects must adhere to School Rules and Regulations at all times.
  • The main duty of prefects is to maintain an atmosphere of friendly cooperation, peace, discipline and unity in the School.
  • Prefects should serve as counselors to junior students.
  • Prefects must liaise and collaborate with each other, as a team, to ensure efficiency and smooth running of their own area of responsibility and of the school as a whole.
  • Prefects academic and behavioural standards must be maintained.
  • Prefects will always work in the interest of the school.
  • They should follow the code of conduct as described by Islam and the country.



A prefect in a senior post (senior prefect, deputy captain or captain) will be demoted in the following cases:

  • If the student is charged with any disciplinary issue, the matter will be send to the Disciplinary Committee to analyze the matter.
  • Depending on the action proposed by the Disciplinary Committee, the School’s Senior Management will decide to demote or dismiss the student from the Prefects Board.