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Student Bodies

101__Oath taking by Executive committee members

Student bodies are formal groups or organisations established within the School that are managed by students who are either appointed or elected, and often serves to engage students in extra curricular and co-curricular activities. Such bodies act as gateways for students to enhance their learning and gain additional knowledge and experience while they study at School. It also provides more ambitious students to get real life experience of leadership, democracy, management and  fulfilling responsibilities.

MAPS International High has four such student bodies which caters for the needs of the Students.

Prefect Board
The Prefect Board of MAPS International High is selected from the students with higher academic and good disciplinary background. Through a strict selection criteria, best students who apply to become prefects will be awarded prefectship. Among these students, the student who scored highest points will be awarded School Captain and second highest as school Deputy Captain. See Further details about prefect board here.

Students’ Association
The MAPS International High Students’ Association (MIHSA) is the main student organisation in which every student attending the School has automatic membership. The goal of the MIHSA is to provide a better school experience of all students by representing students to the School Administrators and advocate for their needs while providing an enjoyable and rewarding experience through limitless services, opportunities, events and club organizations. Promoting students leadership and creative qualities is always an underlying objective for all events and activities planned and organised by the MIHSA.

The student body of MAPS International High is divided into three different theme based Houses. The School has opted to use a theme based house system as a way to achieve better integration of the  School’s curriculum into the extra and co-curricular activities of the School. Each House with it own theme endeavors to achieve results, keeping in mind their unique features and qualities, and encouraging each other to enhance these qualities. The Houses are Achievers, Entrepreneurs and Innovators. See further details about houses here.

MAPS International High offers its students opportunities to improve and enhance their skills through four inspiring clubs which are: Dhi- Islam Club, English Club, Business Club and Social club. See further details about clubs here.